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PPC is one of the best online marketing methods that helps to increase your sales faster. No other online platform can give you more profit than PPC. Many shoppers are searching for your products or services online and PPC gives you the option to choose your audience according to demographics such as location, language, interest, device and show your ad to them. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which means that when someone clicks on your ad, you pay Google for that click. Brandhookes ppc services in Patna we run a thoughtful and structured PPC campaign for your business that can increase website traffic, leads, conversations and ultimately revenue. And don’t worry about expense it is cost effective means you only pay when a buyer actually come to your website. PPC can be good value for money. We are one of the best ppc services provider in patna.

  • Increase your reach through advanced Search Engine Marketing techniques
  • We use landing page and funnels to get more leads and sales
  • Showcase your products or services to your target customers and increase conversions
PPC Services in patna

Our PPC Services Process

ppc company in patna

Understanding Your Requirement

First we talk to you about how much your budget?, what you want brand awareness or lead generation?, who you want to target? We ask everything about your ppc goal?

ppc services in patna by brandhookes

Analyse Your Business

In this process we understand your business, we do an analysis of your website, Then we make a list of the services or products you provide and Unique features of your business.

top ppc services in patna

Keywords Analysis & Audience Research

We find best keywords related to your products or services & create audience list based on interest, location, age, devices and many more.

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Landing page & funnels

In this process we create landing page and funnels that grab the attention of the audience. We use informative graphics and high quality content in landing page.

ppc services in patna by brandhookes

Writing ad copy

Then our copywriter writes the title and description of the advertisement which catches the attention of the audience and we get more clicks and more leads from it.

top ppc services in patna

Start, Monitoring & Reporting

we run 2 to 3 ads and monitor the performance of each ad and after a few days we continue the ad which gives the best performance. And last we send you an ad report.

Best ppc services in patna

ppc services in patna

Our PPC Services

ppc services in patna

Search advertisement

Search advertisement is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. We at brandhookes best ppc services provider in patna use attractive landing pages or funnels to get the most from each customer. First of all in search advertising, we search for keywords related to your business, after that we decide on your audience, their age, location and their education qualifications that we target in the advertisement. Then we write two to three ad copy and set bid or total budget of ad. And finally we run 2 to 3 ads and monitor the performance of each advertisement and after a few days we continue the advertisement which gives the best performance. And last we send you an ad report.

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Display Advertisement

Display Advertising is a form of online advertisement which helps you in attracting more customers to advertisement because it allows you to ad image, gif, text into your ad. Display advertising show your ad on different websites and apps. Display advertising not only help in lead generation but it also helps in brand awareness. At brand hookes ppc company in patna when we create display ad for our client we use beautiful graphics and clickable content which gives us more traffic more lead and more conversions. Contact us we can also create an ad for you.

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Remarketing Advertisement

Want to retarget those customers who visited your website but did not purchase anything from you. So don’t worry we can help you but let us first understand one thing that nobody buys something from you by seeing your product one time so you need to show your product to them again and again. And retargeting helps you in this. In remarketing we install a code in website. Which gives you information about which product your customers see and added to their cart, how many product they checked and many others useful data. This helps us in retargeting that customers. Get ppc services in patna by us to remarketing your product.

PPC Company in Patna

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I pay for a search engine advertising?

Search Engine Advertising (SEM) provides you to select your audience according to demographics such as location, language, interest and display your advertisement to them on various platforms like search engine, website and app. It has two major benefits: It only takes money from you when someone clicks on your ad and the other advantage is that. You can easily see the performance of your advertisement.

What other services do you offer?

As a leading digital marketing and seo company in patna. We provide complete digital marketing services in patna. Our services include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, website designing and development, logo designing, social media marketing, email marketing and video marketing.

How much do I have to spend for ppc services?

It depends on your requirement contact us for more details. We provide you best PPC services in Patna.

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